That Eclectic

by Drew Haller

CODA quite literally refers to the concluding passage of dance — that precious, fleeting moment when you can experience completeness and clarity. Directed and produced by Hallie Haller, CODA is a short film and documentary dedicated to the reflexive instincts that overtake us at the turn of…

by Ané Kameko

Don’t play your ukelele near me

I really don’t like those things

What kind of a silly would-be guitar

Has but only 4 strings?

Do us a favour, stand further away

I didn’t ask to be so close today

Despite your pungent cologne

Aftershave, your perfume,


A collection of themed media recommendations.

To celebrate the sheer diversity of humanity’s multiplicity, we compiled a list of multi-media recommendations that showcase the transient nature of culture, heritage and identity. This collection of novels, podcasts and videos demonstrates the struggles that global citizens experience in response to expectations of…

by Delphine Fumar

An accent? After all, do I have any?
Why such a privilege?
What if I said that your English solfege
Remains to us Francophones the strongest one?
That we think, from Finland to Sierra Leone,
“You do not speak like everybody”,
And that, according to you, Native,
Having an accent is, for us, a mere perspective…

by Ijeoma Opara

Wake up, open app, scroll up, swipe, swipe, swipe, close app, open another app, scroll down, click, like, love, celebrate, love, scroll down, share post, like, close app, open another app, scroll down, comment “❤️”, like, close app. Repeat throughout the day.

There are countless documentaries, movies…

An opinion piece by by Saarah Anne Fletcher

Intersectionality refers to the merging of oppressions; oppressions that function at the intersection of race, class, gender, sex, ableism and religion. It occurs when the oppressive institutions of a society are interrelated and constantly shaped by one another. Kimberlé Crenshaw states that…

That Eclectic

A South African creative collective.

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